Friday, September 19, 2008

A Taste Of Myanmar Cuisine

Myanmar cuisines are based on rice and main dishes of poultry such as chicken, pork and seafood. However, beef is not consumed by the majority of Burmese. Vegetable salads, are usually served to compliment the unique flavor of sweet and sour.

The methods of food preparation vary depending on the region and ethnicity as the country itself is populated with multi-ethnic diversity. In addition, due to the influx of Chinese and Indians immigrants in the past had also brought together to give birth a unique flavor of sweet, sour and mild spicy Myanmar cuisines.


Internet Education said...

It looks really delicious!
Your photo makes my mouth watering. I miss my country and I miss these foods. Luckily, we can eat Myanmar food at peninsula plaza near city hall MRT.

Waiting for new Posts......

Wady Pye Wai said...

This is very traditional and I like it most. Leverage our traditional food in different taste and looks. Its really makes me homesick of my mother land. Keep it up the good job.