Monday, October 20, 2008

Asian and Western Food Culture

Today I’ll share some food culture of Asian and Western.
I’ve got this information from my friend Wai Yan who is the cook from Qatar, Doha. Thank you my friend.

There is different type of food culture - Asian culture and Western culture.

Asian food culture is base in myths - like Chinese. They have their myths in their food (for example, they eat fish for lucky). In their new years they donate foods to their passed away grandfathers and mothers.

But western is different. They are food culture is with means.

Western has two kind of main menu - A La Carte and Table' Dorse.

A La Carte means one by one orders and Table’ Dorse means set menu. A La Carte is more expensive and smarter than set menu. Food quality and service style are also better.

There are two kinds of set in Table’ Dorse – 5 course set and 4 course set.
Set menu include Starter (Starter is appetizers - like small items), Soup, Main Course, Dessert and Beverage.

In Asia mostly menu is family style sharing menu. For example if we go to wedding they treat Chinese set menu. We can share at table with big potion.

In Western potato is necessary and we cannot leave potato. There are more than 1000 kinds of potato cooking methods. Moreover they chose the condition of cooking.
Their five conditions are
Medium Rare
Medium Well

Mostly Europeans like Medium and they don’t like Well-Done. In A La Carte you can choose condition but in Table set menu you cannot choose. Furthermore don’t forget that wine is one important thing in Western food culture.


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