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Hsi Hta Minn (Cooked Yellow Sticky-Rice)

Consuming relishes and savory snacks is the entrenched habit of Myanmar people. The Myanmar word for snack is 'ThaYayZar', which literally means as food for the salivary glands. Therefore, not only in the cities, but also in towns and villages, you can easily find a plethora of shops, stalls, mobile vendors and hawkers selling every imaginable kind of food, drink and snacks day and night.

The major ingredient of Myanmar snack is rice or sticky rice powder. Some snacks of rice powder are mixed with jaggery to make baked, steamed or fried snacks.

Hsi Hta Minn (Cooked Yellow Sticky-Rice)

In the morning, Myanmars usually have warm or hot snacks as their breakfast. 'Hsi Hta Minn' is one of the snacks that Myanmars regard as the breakfast. It can be found in every market in Myanmar.

Here is the recipe for 'Hsi Hta Minn'.


1. Sticky Rice (i.e. Glutinous Rice)

2. Oil (Peanut oil is preferable for nice smell)

3. Turmeric Powder (for yellowish colour)

4. Salted Roasted-Peanut Powder

5. Coconut Shreds

6. Sugar (can also use Tapioca Powder)

Cooking Steps

1. Wash the Sticky Rice and filter.

2. Heat the deep frying pan and pour oil.

3. Add the Turmeric Powder to heated oil.

4. Add the washed Sticky Rice.

5. Add Sugar or Tapioca Powder and stir.

6. Add water and stir the ingredients.

7. Cover the pan and cook until the Sticky Rice is fully cooked.

'Hsi Hta Minn' is served by sprinkling the salted roasted-peanut powder and coconut shreds on it. Most people like to eat the crust of 'Hsi Hta Minn'. 'Hsi Hta Minn' can also be consumed together with grilled dried-fish.

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