Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dangerous having food in NTU canteen!

NTU's canteens enjoy a wide popularity and a good fame especially among students which we may think it really deserve. True, most canteens in the university are rationally lay out and clean, staff are polite and considerate, food are cheap compared to those served in food court from outside and we can easily find something from our own countries to be delicious.

Will you believe me if I tell you having food in NTU canteen may be dangerous? For me, who have been cheerful for coming across with so many seductive lunch choices in Canteens, it is hard to believe.

Last week we, as usual, went to Cafe by the Quad to enjoy our dinner before having our Foundation course in SBS Building. As you know, that's a pretty nice Cafe with a pond and small fountains outside. The decoration has a white and blue tone, which coincide with the theme of the cafe :seafood.

I ordered my shrimps and couldn't move my eyes away from them: Lovely fresh nice little things. At the cash counter, I saw the drinks served. I ordered a glass of purple water. I didn't know what that sour sweet liquid was.

It was after having the dinner that I found a sentence writen on the paper cup of my drink: Rich in Vitamin C! God, haven't anyone tell the Cafe that most seafood can become poison when having together with Vitamin C?

I didn't feel good for the whole class though I knew it was just the realization that frightened me. I am a girl and I didn't eat too much. But I do remember the news came out in China that a man died because of taking Vitamin C and Seafood together regularly. And in film Deadly Delicious, Wu Zhenyu was almost killed by having the shrimps cooked by his wife and orange juice made by his secret lover within seven hours!

Therefore, friends, be ware of what you mix when you eat. And I do hope the responsibility of judging right food do not solely lies on the students themselves.


Phyo Han Kyaw said...

Hello friend, Wang Ting

I know what news you’ve read. I mean you said in China one man died because of taking Vitamin C and seafood (shrimp).

The original news is from E-mail. Right!
May be you’ve seen it from other sources but anyway I’ll show original mail.

Spread this message out to as many friends and families as possible, because this is matter of life and death!!

I just read a medical report from my friend saying that: DO NOT eat shrimp (prawn), if you have just taken VITAMIN C pills!! This will cause you to DIE in ARSENIC (As) toxication within HOURS!!

THIS IS NOT A JOKE!! There’s been a case happened in Taiwan
Take care! ”

People start to afraid, when they’ve read that mail.
So I’ll explain about the truth.

This e-mailed scare began circulating on the internet in May 2001. Presumably it’s trying to claim that prawns metabolize arsenic (as some aquatic organisms do), forming compounds ordinarily non-toxic to humans, but when the prawns are ingested in combination with Vitamin C, something in the vitamin prompts the re-establishment of toxicity. Obviously, even if this were true, it only occurs under very specific or extraordinary circumstances, or we’d be finding plenty of accounts of healthy-but-dead seafood lovers.

Shrimp does not turn into arsenic when combined with Vitamin C tablets. Arsenic is a basic element, as listed on the periodic table of elements. It is not formed by combining any one thing with any other; it exists as is in the same way gold does. Just as there was no magical philosophers’ stone that would enable its user to transform various worthless substances into gold, neither will the combination of shrimp and Vitamin C tablets produce arsenic.

In any case, we haven’t turned up any “medical report” (received from the unnamed but authoritative-sounding “my friend” or not) that links shrimp and Vitamin C with arsenic “toxication.” Likewise, we have found no news accounts of any death(s) occurring in Taiwan from this combination.

So friend, Wang Ting, don’t be afraid.

“Vitamin C users who eat shrimp risk death from arsenic poisoning” is wrong.

We can’t die.

I also like raw shrimp salad which contains raw shrimps and lime juice. I eat it occasionally but there is no problem.



fan said...

it's important information to all of us. coz i'm a person who dont care more about the way to live a health life, i may made some mistake like that, which may be harmful in the future.

I also want to share sth i know.

We all know milk and eggs are good for health,but it's better to have them seperately. Both of them are full of animal protein. People may absorb more nutrition if we have animal protein food together with vegetable protein.

Khin Myat Thu said...

Honestly, at first I felt very much afraid when I heard about Vitamin C and Shrimp from Wang Ting post.
But I feel satisfied when I heard explanation about Arsenic (Vitamin C, and Shrimp) from Phyo Han Kyaw.
I have never heard about this before.
Thanks for giving knowledge.


May Thandar said...

Exactly, I strongly recommend Phyo Han Kyaw's information about Vitamin C and Seafood.

Aw, there is another similar perception concerned with food poisoning i.e Egg and Watermelon. Majority said after having both at the same time, it arouse or cause to vomit and sometimes it leads to severe condition.

However, it is not actually. By myself afraid of that before I came to realize about the truth, so I used to avoid eating both meanwhile.

But when I arrived Thailand, I found out Thai people enjoy eating watermelon after having their lunch (with fried egg). When I observed about that, they laugh out loud at me and said if there is food poisoning, all Thai people will dead already.