Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cooking Methods...(1)

we have a lots of cooking methods...but.....do we recognize it?i am a cook....i don't know too much a bout food culture...but i want to post about food cooking....there are 11 main cooking methods...
11.Microwave Cooking
Boiling is a cooking of foods in a liquid,usually stock or water.The temperature at which boiled food is cooked at 212'F,is controlled by the temperature of boiling liquid and this temperature will not increase once boiling point is reached therefore simmering(gentle boiling)should be allowed to take place.
the cooking temperature is lowered when boiling which makes the cooking process slower,because of this slower cooking,boiling is therefore suitable method for older,tougher joints of meat and poultry.Stocks ,soup,sauces,certain fish(whole and in cuts),various vegetables,eggs and pasta are cooked by boiling...
Blanching is cooking of food in a boiling salted liquid for a short time.The Liquid may be boiling water or boiling Stock.......The red meats such mutton,lamb can be cooked produce white stew dishes.The green vegetables,after blanching with boiling salted water than drain and refresh,retains the water soluble vitamins and nutritional value,improve the color,flavour,texture and smell....Yellow color vegetables(root vegetables)are started in cold salted water with the exception of new potatoes,proper cooking can make the vegetables retain color,flavour and nutritive value.Avoid overcooking of vegetables because not only will they become soft and mushy but also lose flavor,color and nutritive value.
Poaching is the cooking of foods slowly in the minimum amount of liquid.e.g.water,milk,stock,wine.The liquid should never be allowed to boil but should be kept at a temperature as near to boiling point as possible.Since the foods are cooked in a minimum amount of liquid in order to conserve flavor and nutritive value they should be covered with paper during the cooking process.In order to poach correctly anf to prevent the foods from boiling,it is a good practice to bring the liquid almost to the boil on the stovethen to complete the cooing in a moderately hot oven.......The tender meats.e.g.supreme of chicken,fillet of fish and whole fish,vegetables and eggs can cooked by this methods.....
Steaming is a method of cooking in moist heat........i.Slower than boiling in its simplest form.The food is cooked in (a)a perforated container or (b) on a covered plate over a sauce pan of water.In this method the food is cooked by direct or indiret contact with the stream,that is,the vapour from water......ii.Boiling in a streamer with a minimum pressure 11/4kg/cm2(2lbs8ozper in2)or in a high compression streamer will cook the food faster.Most streamed food is lighter and more digestible than that cooked by any other methods therefore foods such as fish,chicken and sweetbrerads when steamed are suitble for invalids and for those with weak digestion.
This is the slow method of cooking food in the smallest quantity of water,stock or sauce in which the food is always cut up (1"-1.5" in cubes)and cooked the food ans cooking liquid are server together .Lightly season the cubes of meat with salt and pepper and seal quickly in heated oil.margarine,butter,dippping to color lightly brown.Add stock to half,covered the meat and place on stove top.Bring to boil quickly and then simme.Stew foods can be cookied in a converse stew pan or casserole on the stove or in a moderate oven.Stewing is both economical and nutritional because the cheaper cuts of meat and poultry,whuch would be unsuitable for roasting and grilling,can be made tender and palatable and there is very little waste by evaporation.The meat Juicewhich escape from the meat during cooking is not lost but is present in the liquid which is served with stew...
This is a combination stewing and roasting in a pan with a tight fitting lid(braisiere,casserole or cocotte)The lid is essential so as to prevent evaporation and to enable the food reatin its own juices and nutritional value Braising is a long slow cooking method and therefore less tender joints meat and poultry can be used.It requires the food to be marintaed in red wine and herbs for a few hours before being cooking.Marinating helps to tenderizeto impart additional flavour and moisten the joint...Meats are cut into big cubes;shallow fry to seal quickly by browing on all sides.Place in braising pan,half covered with stock andd add mire-poix(Onion and Carrots cuts into cubes).Continue cooking in hot overor in a pan on the stove with tight fitting lid...The meat cooked with braising method is good in smell tenderness and well cooked helps retain maximum flavour and nutritive value.

i will post another methods in Cooking Methods (2)and i m sorry for my long post...
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