Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Delicious Chinese Food--Mapo Toufu

Mapo Toufu, which was first called Chen Mapo Toufu,is perhaps one of the most typical Chinese local dishes.Many years ago there was a small restaurant named Chen Xingshenf Eating HOuse close to the Wanfu Bridge in Chengdu.As the owner Mr.Chen FUchun died in his prime, the restaurant was run by his wife Mrs Chen who was nicknamed Chen Mapo due to her pockmarked face.In Chinese mapo means pock-marked granny. Spicy,hot,delicious and tender with a distinct flavor,the dish of toufu she cooked was called Mapo Toufu.

Mapo Toufu is a typical food of Sichuan province where people here like spicy food very much.Sichuan is a good place for touring, there are such beautiful places as Jiuzhaigou(p1),E mei mountain and so on. If you are intererested in spicy food, it is an irresistable choice!

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May Thandar said...

I never tried Mapo Toufu but i know about Hot Tofu, kind of spicy, I guess you all have tried it in restaurants at China town. Besides, it's not expensive at all. Worth to enjoy the tasty food...huh???